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Gun Shows

Auction Armory provides a directory for current gun shows and upcoming industry events. Stay up to date with guns shows nearest you and plan your next expedition.


Popular brands are available such as A+B Arms, Accu-Tek Firearms, Adcor Defense and much more. Don’t miss out on the next event, use our platform to confirm your attendance by clicking “Count Me In”. Share your activities with your friends via Facebook to spread the word on social media.

Does my Gun Shows On a Google search? 

Power Of Listing With Auction Armory

As a Auction Armory member you have the power at your figure tips. Listing your shows with us allows rich card data or snippets from those events to be index throughout 10 of the top search engines in the world.


& YES, even Google!

Become a Consumer/I’m a Consumer

Want to buy or trade? Confirm your attendance for an event nearest you and join the experience. Search for local events and invite your friends via social media. A frequently updated calendar and snippet of google maps are available to accurately pin point your next location.

Adding Your  Event

Become a Vendor/ I'm a Vendor

Members that are considered sizable vendors and/or hardcore enthusiast with an impressive collection can manage their own events by using our platform. We are the industry’s leading social platform for firearms. Join the squad by posting your own events and providing details that welcome like-minded members.