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Your national source for Hunting and Conservation News, Gear Reviews and our Pro Staff articles and reports. Our Mission is to spread the great news of hunting and the North American Conservation Model.

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Hunting Life was designed to be a leading news source on all things hunting, conservation and the outdoors. The company's mission is to provide their audience with reports, hunting gear reviews, articles, guides and the North American Conservation Model. 

Their passion for the outdoors sparked the idea to create a trustworthy national source of information for others alike.

When Hunting Life came to us in September 2018, their goal was to gain even more national exposure for their brand. We understood their needs and our creative teams here at Auction Armory quickly had dozens of ideas. 

So.... without further ado, let's take a look at how well this is working for them.

Audience Overview - Hunting Life Small Ad

Hunting Life had specific goals in mind and one of those was to generate more leads and traffic to their site. 


Within 14 days of our strategic marketing campaign, their page views drastically increased to over 650,000+.


They also gained over 70,000+ new users.

huntinglife ad 250.gif
audience overview hunting life small ad.

Audience Optimization - 

audience optimization hunting life.PNG

Inside the first few weeks of the campaign we started acknowledging the drop-off points of the site.


This is a huge part of audience optimization.

In this case it was easy to connect the dots. Their server couldn't handle the traffic. After adjusting resources with the host/server. 


We're good to GO! 

30 day Overview

case studies for auction armory.png

Users: 664.02%

New Users:  673.48% 

Sessions: 630.39%

Bounce Rate: 664.02%

Avg Page Views: 673.48%

hunt life case.PNG

In Real-Time

huntingLife auction armory.PNG